In life and in business, risk is just one more thing to overcome.

Bruce Bowler has done it all.
Now he wrote a book!

A Businessman from the Begining

My life has been an interesting, almost seemingly random, collection of bits and pieces, each of which has made its contribution to this guy called Bruce Bowler.

I started out back in the day when a young man still in junior high could have a business of his own delivering the daily newspaper of The Rocky Mountain News, learning how to take care of his customers and make them happy, delivering on his bicycle with bags of newspapers on his handlebar through good and terrible weather, every morning, without fail. Then on to drug stores, working the soda fountain counter, cleaning the back room pharmacy bottles and shelves, and all that goes with that. A summer at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon as a dishwasher, then promoted to a third cook, was the end of the introduction phase of a life of work.

My father offered me an introductory position in his mortgage company, with the carrot of sending me off to the School of Mortgage Banking for two weeks at Stanford, followed by three years of class attendance and correspondence classes to get a Certificate of Graduation from the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, and begin a 40 year career in the mortgage banking industry. During the time I was with dad, I managed to attend Colorado State University, wound up at the University of Denver where I graduated with a BSBA in Real Estate and Building Industry, got married and had our first child, and I'm off and running as a mortgage banker, following in his father's footsteps.

Throw in getting involved in drag racing with my 1955 Chevrolet, then starting an advertising and booking agency for race cars, doing announcing and pushing dragsters off the track at NHRA national events, which led to accepting the offer by the National Hot Rod Association to be their Northwest Division Director in charge of drag racing in the four corner states, three western Canadian provinces, and Alaska, where I learned what I had under my hood without the comfort and security of my dad being there with me.

Stir in coming back to mortgage banking after my life as a Division Director, going through experiences that can only come from being associated with many large and small companies, and finally winding up that career as the business partner of another Denver mortgage banker, building a company literally from the ground up to a substantial and well respected company.

Years later, I took my money off the table by selling my half back to my partner, and went drag racing as a full-time semi-professional owner-driver of a nitro-methane burning A-Fuel Dragster. The experience of going from a standing start to the end of a quarter mile in 5.33 seconds, crossing the finish line at 271 miles per hour, and being slammed forward as the two parachutes you just pulled the lever on blossom and bring you to a fast stop is pretty indescribable. But totally awesome. But very expensive.

During that time, I started and ran an apparel manufacturing company for nearly 10 years, then continued providing custom designed apparel through a new business using an overseas supply structure, and providing real estate services for buyers and sellers of real estate in the Denver metropolitan area.

Oh yeah -- then let's add music since before high school, and taking up guitar lessons again after 57 years from the last lessons taken, and becoming a song writer / composer, and learning how to record them using GarageBand. Now we add the experience of writing and publishing a book about the financial devastation of a failed apparel business and how it was closed and settled out without going through bankruptcy.

And there you have my life in a nutshell, so far. To modify a line from Joe Namath, I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow, 'cause life gets more exciting every day.