In 1973, Bruce Bowler received his Colorado Real Estate Brokers license, and used that license in various ways within his mortgage banking operations, and in personal transactions.

In the 1990's, Bowler teamed up with another real estate professional and Alegro Investments, LLP was formed. Within their business model, they purchased, renovated, then sold single family homes throughout the Denver Metropolitan area. He was to learn the truth of what his father had told him many years before, that whomever makes a nickle in real estate earned it. This was an interesting venture, and while they were moderately successful, Bowler decided that the risk-reward ratio of this business activity was not all that great and left the fix-and-flip business. For a number of years, Alegro was put on the back burner.

After closing down Phoenix Custom Apparel in 2009, and through selling various real estate holding, he decided it was time to stoke up the fires on Alegro as a real estate brokerage company, and offer both listing and buyers agency services. From the lessons learned, and the experiences he had, in his forty years of mortgage banking, about how to really take care of the customer, cap-stoned by his successful partnership with another business associate in growing Universal Lending Corporation, he felt he could open Alegro back up and offer superlative services to his clientele, giving them an exceptional real estate experience.

Thus Alegro's doors were opened, with the result being the creation of a successful, locally owned and operated, real estate brokerage operation, with many satisfied customers who have enjoyed dealing directly with the owner / broker on their real estate transactions.