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To: The Reader

From: The Author

Subject: Why I wrote The Bankruptcy Alternative

From time to time as I labored over this work of writing a book on the events surrounding the closure of my business, I wondered "why did you undertake the writing of this book?"

I had this strong feeling that I wanted, even needed, to share it with others. As I pondered why, these are questions that I posed to myself, and my answers.

"Was it to cleanse yourself of bad stuff that might have built up inside of you as you went through the processes of closing the business and selling assets and paying off debts?"

Maybe, although at times it was very emotionally hard to do; to relive the many experiences, and sludge through it all again. But nonetheless, a good cleansing may have well been a nice side benefit.

"Was it to share the most unbelievable story of this epic odyssey with the world?"

Well, absolutely!

"Was it to share the principles I discovered and the tools I used along the way with others, with the intent that it may help them in the event they encountered something similar in their own lives?"

You bet.

"Was it to expose readers to a different side of all those entrepreneurial business books? To give encouragement and hope when things seem most dire? And to tell people that despite all of our best efforts for our business, sometimes the best option is to shut it down?"

Yes. Yes. And yes.

Okay then. Let's get after it!

This book is about giving those who have a failing or failed business on their hands helpful information to knowing when to close it down, and that if they choose to close it down, that they have more options than just declaring bankruptcy. In shows how a "self-managed liquidation" may very well be a better option than a bankruptcy, and why. It also is the true story of how the author went through his own self-managed liquidation, overcame the obstacles and struggles that came at him from all sides, and found and used the keys that helped him handle each aspect of his successful business closing.

– Anne L. Holmes, National Association of Baby Boomer Women

“This is the fascinating – and almost incredible – personal story of Bruce Bowler, a serial entrepreneur who, faced to the fact that his business must close, decides to do a self-managed liquidation instead of filing for bankruptcy. It’s a story full of uncertainty and angst, but equally brimming with hope and resilience...And, because I know that the business world is one of cycles, I know there will again come a time when the economy tanks, and more small business owners will be faced with the decision of when and how to close down their "baby". For this reason, I highly recommend this book to all small business owners."

– Jose Maria Delos Santos,

“The Bankruptcy Alternative is for entrepreneurs and business owners who face the reality of closing down their business … It is also a good reference material for those studying business management, in particular, bankruptcy and alternatives...Many books have been written in how to start up a business properly, but it is rare to find one that discuss useful options in how to close down."

– dwgodby, Just A Thought

“It is a book worth reading if you are in the business world and yet the principles would apply to an individual that may be facing similar issues within their own life, even if not a business owner…Well worth the time and investment to pick up a copy …”

– Deane Helbig, Seize This Day

“I applaud Bruce for sharing his story…Putting the experience in writing offers the reader an alternative roadmap they can follow if they find themselves in the same situation. It's also a good read for anyone interested in business. This really is a good news, survival story.”

– Paul Simister, Business Coaching

“Thoughtful ideas for any business owner heading into difficulty.”

– Michael Critelli, Review on Project

“This was an excellent book. It not only introduced complex legal issues in an understandable and concise way, but it presented the human emotional factors that confront every business owner who has to discontinue a business that has been labor of love for him or her.”